Our Gurarantee

    Client Service Commitment Achieving and maintaining the status of a highly respected real estate company in the Southeast Queens market area is a direct result of our outstanding service to all our clients and customers. We will continue to enhance our reputation by not only meeting the consumer’s expectations but by exceeding these expectations at every opportunity. In assuming the responsibility for the successful marketing of your property I am committed to the performance of the following services:

    1. Diligently and accurately compile data for the evaluation of your property.
    2. Explain and assist you in understanding the significance of this data.
    3. Counsel you on how to determine the pricing of your property based on your objectives and current market conditions.
    4. Develop and provide you with a detailed Marketing Plan that is specific to your property.
    5. Counsel you on enhancements and/or changes that will improve the sales potential of your property.
    6. Provide you with a Pricing Review Schedule.
    7. Assist you in evaluating the market response to your pricing.
    8. Pre-qualify all potential buyers.
    9. Explain the transaction process and procedures to you as and when they occur.
    10. Immediately inform you of all written offers and assist you in any decision making process.
    11. Assist in negotiations as per your instructions.
    12. Monitor and keep you advised on the progress of events from contract to closing.

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